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Why we All Need It



Our 2-Way Micropay plug-in instantly gives you three new ways to monetize your blog!  (Watch the video below to see how.)

And with a little creativity, 2-Way Micropay will give you dozens of better ways to earn money.

It's simple.  Your readers can give you their own money, or better yet, to prime the pump . . .

We Give Your Readers "Free Money" So, They Can Give It To You !

As soon as users sign up, they automatically begin to receive a stream of "free" nickels and dimes every time they see an ad in our ad network, and every time they receive a paid, targeted email.

They can then use this "free money" to buy content, like that on your blog, with just one or two clicks.  And because it feels like they are spending "free money," it still feels like they are getting free content!

Our users love this free money experience, and you'll love it too!

Check out the video below and our WordPress Demo Site!

Pricing is no longer dictated by the
high cost of a single credit card transaction!

Charge just 1¢ to access a game.  Or 5¢ for a white paper.  Or 10¢ for your band's sound track.  Or 30 cents for a video. Or $4 for an ebook.

Now you can finally price low cost, low value content at a low price point  that actually matches consumer's valuations.  Plus, you can eliminate the inconvenience of credit card forms and offer a frictionless, instant sales process.

The internet needs a convenient way to exchange small bits of money.  We all need it. And you can help make it happen.

After all, anything on your blog that worth just one minute of a person's time, is also worth at least a penny, a nickel, or a dime.  Why not collect that cash?

Don't wait.  Download the Plugin today.

Plus, you can also also use 2-Way Micropay
increase interactions with you readers!

For example, you can also create payout links where you or your advertisers pay readers pennies, nickels or dimes to "favorite" you on a social network, or to complete a survey, or to watch a sales video, or to complete any other incentivized action. 

What is especially valuable about 2-Way Micropay payout links is that even if you don't make an immediate sale, you will still collect superior marketing data on each user, including their Qixit ID so you can contact your prospects with follow up offers--for a small fee to pay them for their time and attention!  (It's like dating.  If you pay for a prospects time and attention, you have a better chance of finally getting it!)

Download our plugin today.

You can then immediately use 2-Way Micropay™ to:

  • Charge pennies or dollars for premium content.
  • Create a prominent premium comment section, which appears above the regular free comments. Readers who pay their "2 cents worth" (or any price you require) will have their comments permanently located in the the more prominently high lighted premium comment section.
  • Offer your readers a chance to pay to publish their own articles on your blog. 
  • Collect donations from supportive readers without credit cards.
  • Eliminate reader's reluctance to create a new login ID and password.  Our single sign-on solution allows readers to login once per day and be able to "instantly" purchase content  from numerous blogs and web sites.
  • Gather permission granted contact information, demographics,  and behavioral metrics on everyone who buys your content.
  • And much more.

Learn more and get the 2-Way Micropay™ Plug-In here.


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