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2-Way Micropay links come in two flavors: payment links and purchase links.

Payment links give money to the person clicking on the link from the link creator. 

Purchase links give money from the person clicking on the link to the link creator (and optionally, others, such as referrers).

2 micropay way

- pay for user interactions

2-Way Micropay™ can be used to pay someone to click on a link.  Typically, this payout link is used to pay people to answer a survey, to fan a social media page, to watch an ad, or to complete some other online task.  Chains of payments, for example, can be used to step people through an entire chain of actions.

Payment links aren't just for incentivizing actions, however.

They are also fantastic for gathering information about your prospects.

In exchange for this payment, you receive demographic information on each user including the Qixit ID which can be used for paid follow-up contact.   The only limitation on follow-up contacts is that you must pay users their required micropayment for receiving follow-up offers...unless you convince them to set their follow-up rate to zero, which you can.

This process gives you a great way to build to good will with prospects while also gathering superior data on their interactions and interest in your products.

For example, since each banner ad or email ad delivered through Two-Way Micropay includes a small payment of just a penny to your customers or prospect, your building positive emotions toward you and your products.

It's like dating.  While paying for a date's dinner doesn't guarantee love, it does create feelings of appreciation.

Or put another way, by paying people for their time and attention, you are showing that you respect and appreciate their time and attention.  Which in turns increases positive attitudes toward you and your message.

But marketing isn't about 100% conversion rates.  It's about finding the 10% or 20% who are most worth courting.

And in this respect, 2-Way Micropay excels.  Our system can help you to generate a hot lists of people who viewed your original ad for over 20 seconds or 2 minutes. Or create a hotlist of those who viewed it twice, clicked thru, printed . . . or did any combination of interactions that fit your own hot list criteria. You can then send automated follow-ups to your most interested prospects.

In short, Two-Way Micropay™ gives you better data . . . better targeting . . . and a higher return on your ad dollars.

Plus, your future customers prefer seeing your ads through Two-Way Micropay. It's like a universal reward points program.

They can use the ad dollars they receive to buy the online content they really want. It might be music, videos, electronic reports, or anything else associated with our instant payment and delivery links.

2-Way Micropay™ is an especially good fit for content rich sites like newspapers and blogs. 

For example, your blog can use our free 2-Way Micropay plugin to charge people who want to publish their own articles on your blog.  Whether they're paying to promote a product or just an opinion, this is a great way to leverage the value of your traffic.

Features of a payment link:

  • Payor can set a limit how many times a payee can be paid.  Once ever, or once a month, or every time.
  • Payor can require the payee to view an advertisement or video associated with the payment link for a minimum number of seconds before the payment is released.
  • Payor can receive the permission based contact info, name, age range, gender and IP address of the Payee.
  • Payees are protected from spam because all ads and follow-up offers are blocked unless the sender pays the payee's personal rate for seeing ads.  Set a high rate to block all ads,  Set a moderate rate to see some ads. Set a low rate to earn more when seeing many ads.

How would you like to automatically identify the people who are most interested in your ads?  How would you like to concentrate your follow up offers on your most likely prospects…. the 20% who will produce 80% of your sales?

Learn more about payout links here.


2 micropay way


2-Way Micropay™ purchase links allow users to make a purchase with just two clicks.  The product can be online content, such a web page, or a physical item.  The cost of the product can be as little as one cent up to the maximum amount authorized for the seller's account.

Below are some key advantages of 2-Way Micropay™ purchase links.

  • Payments can be processed without the high costs associated with credit cards.
  • There are no credit card forms to complete.
  • There is no need to have different login ID's and passwords for different sites.
  • Sellers automatically receive marketing info on buyers, including permission granted contact info for follow-up offers.  This is extremely valuable because your best future customers are those who have already bought from you.
  • Buyers are protected from spam because all ads and follow-up offers are blocked unless the sender pays the buyer's personal rate for seeing ads.  Set a high rate to block all ads,  Set a moderate rate to see some ads. Set a low rate to earn more when seeing many ads.
  • If the purchase is for a physical item that requires shipment, the confirmation page will ask for the buyer's permission to release the mailing address associated with his or her account.  There is no need to complete a form. The mailing address will automatically be provided with the payment when the buyer approves release of both.
  • Payments can be automatically split up to three ways.  For example, a payment for a sound track can be automatically split between (1) the download site, (2) the artist, and (3) a person referring others to the song using by adding his or her Qixit ID to the download link.

Learn more here.




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