Monetize Your Content
Instantly collect from 1¢ to $50 for any content
Free or Premium Comments
Charge for premium treatment of reader's comments
Sell Authorship Rights
Charge others to publish articles on your blog
Better Sales Data
Collect demographics and contact info on all sales

Now you can monetize your blog in three different ways using Qixit‘s 2-Way Micropay plugin.  Our patented 2-Way Micropay platform is the world’s only micropayment system that allows users to both spend and receive money– with only one or two clicks.

2-Way Micropay™ transfers pennies, nickles, dimes, and dollars with equal ease–and without the inconvenience and expense of a credit card transaction!

Most importantly, 2-Way Micropay eliminates the requirement for users to pre-fund their accounts. That’s right!  When people sign up for their free 2-Way Micropay™ account, they don’t have to prefund their account.  Instead, they immediately begin to receive a stream of “free” ad money (beginning at a nickel per ad)  every time they see an ad in our ad network.

Users can then immediately use this “free” money to buy online content from any content provider using 2-Way Micropay™ payment links to sell online content–that means you.

The 2-Way Micropay WordPress plugin automatically handles the creation and management of payment links.

Use 2-Way Micropay™ to:

  • Charge as little as one cent up to several dollars for premium content.
  • Create a prominent premium comment section, which appears above the regular free comments. Readers who pay their “2 cents worth” (or any price you require) will have their comments permanently located in the the more prominently high lighted premium comment section.
  • Offer your readers a chance to pay to publish their own articles on your blog.
  • Turn your old content into archived articles with free preview content before the  <more>- tag and premium content behind the <more> tag.
  • Collect donations from supportive readers without credit cards.
  • Eliminate reader’s reluctance to create a new login ID and password.  Our single sign-on solution allows readers to login once per day and be able to “instantly” purchase content  from numerous blogs and web sites.
  • Earn referral commissions on readers who sign up for accounts through your blog.
  • Gather permission granted contact information, demographics,  and behavioral metrics on everyone who buys your content.
  • And much more.

In short, “free” ad money is paid to your readers who in turn will pass these micropayments (from a penny up to $5) on to you, to access your premium content, or for the right to publish articles, or to have their comments treated better than all those “free” comments appearing on your site.

It’s easy. It’s fast.  It’s secure. It also shields readers from the financial risk of having to pre-fund a micropayment account.

Your readers don’t  need a credit card.  You don’t need a merchant account.

The 2-Way Micropay Plugin handles everything for you and your readers in a low friction way.

Here’s how it works.

You activate the 2-Way Micropay plugin to require a payment, say for 5 cents, to read an article, watch a video, or to post a premium comment.

If your reader’s already have a 2-Way Micropay account and are logged in, they can confirm a purchase with just one click.

For readers who do not have a Qixit 2-Way Micropay account, when they click on a link requiring payment they are invited to create an free account which will immediately give them a stream of “free money.”  Typically, this stream will begin of 5 cents per ad that they will receive.

As soon as new users see their first ad, they can then use this free money to pay you for your premium content.

This is important:  This risk-free process acclimates users to paying small amounts for content.  Eventually, if both advertisers and content providers do their jobs right, users will begin to add cash deposits to their accounts because they will be buying more than they receive in “free” advertising dollars.   But that’s okay, because they will always feel that their micropayment purchases are being subsidized by their free ad dollars.

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