2 micropay way
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2 micropay way


When you set up a payment link using 2-Way Micropay™, you have the option of setting up automatic payments to the accounts of affiliates who referred the sale to your site.

Sales can be automatically split up to three ways, for example between the publisher, a referring party, and the content creator.

Affiliate referrals are easy. The Affiliate only needs to add their ID to the end of the publisher's purchase link when publishing their link to the product. Your affiliate will receive an immediate notice when the sale is made.  And the funds will be immediately credited, and split according to the percentage you set up when creating the link.

This interactive estimator below is for a publisher and includes revenue projections for only one referring affiliate, such as a blog or search engine.


Though this price slider is limited to $2, there is no theoretical limit on price. Fees change with price, however. Under $2, the transaction fee is 15% of the transaction. Over $2, the fee is 15% of the first $2 plus 3% over the first $2.


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2 Micropay Way

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